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An Outdoor Guide to Tromsø

No trip to Norway would be complete without having an outdoor guide to Tromso

Top Outdoor Sites on Your Trip to Tromsø

The Arctic capital Tromsø is 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in Northern Norway. From September to March, many people come here to see the northern lights. From the end of May till the end of July, the midnight sun makes it possible to participate in various activities around the clock.

There are 75,000 inhabitants which 10,000 are students. It is a young city which provides lots of activities and nightlife. It is the capital city and is made of hundreds of islands connected with large bridges which allow ships to maneuver and dock.

Don’t let the fact a trip to Tromsø takes you north of the Arctic Circle. You will not freeze as long as you layer correctly, and group tours usually provide thermal suits if necessary. They are a certified sustainable destination, meaning they meet standards to limit the impact of tourism on the land and water.

Now, let’s get started building your trip

Outdoor Guide to Activities in Tromsø

A trip to Tromsø must include outdoor fun. The incredible outdoor activities include hiking, kayaking, whale-watching excursions, northern lights tours, fishing, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Reindeer Fun

Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture, feed a herd of reindeer and enjoy a sleigh ride. Enjoy classic Sami dishes and coffee in a lavuu and listen to Sami stories and traditions before heading back to your place.

Northern Lights

Sure there are lots of places you can see the Northern Lights, but in Tromsø you get Troll stories and why they are part of the culture and tradition in Norway. There are several tours you can book through Airbnb and local businesses. I highly recommend Creative Vacations. They are a small business that offers Northern Light tours, a Bleu Day tour, the Violet Tour, and the Snowshoe Tour. Professional photographers and film experts lead it, and you receive an email with all the photos they take, along with helping you set up your tripod for your own photos. It is an all-night excursion complete with a fireside chat and MREs, tea, coffee, and cookies to warm you halfway through. You are provided with a thermal suit, boots, headlamps, and a tripod.

Northern Lights
Aurora Borealis


7 jhikes
7 Hikes in Tromso

Hiking in this city 400 km north of the Arctic Circle is one of the main activities. Winter or summer, you will find hikers of varying abilities on the trails.


You will get a bird’s eye view of the ocean and other islands from atop this hike. During summer, you can bring your camping gear and lay under the midnight sun. Remember to bring drinking water with you.


A trip to the mountain Floya is mandatory when visiting Tromso. You can take the easy way out and opt for the cable car (4 minutes cable car ride each way), but if you want some exercise and a great hike, you should grab your running shoes and walk up to the top.


Rødtind has over the past ten years or so become one of the most popular peaks in Tromsø, especially in winter. You will see skiers and snowboarders going up and down Rødtind every day and at all times during winter. In the evenings the mountain looks like a Christmas tree with all the headlamps.


Nattmålsfjellet is another small mountain on the island Kvaløya which is easy to hike and with a great view over Ersfjord.


Ørnfløya is more like a hill than a mountain. It is not steep at all and is an easy hike that can easily be combined with no. 6 Hillesøytoppen (below). From the top, you get an amazing view over the small fishing village Sommarøy and Hillesøy, as well as the lovely island Senja and the small characteristic Håja.


This is a small mountain, more like a hill, beautifully located out in the sea outside of Tromsø. You start walking from the youth center on Hillesøy. The walk up is quite steep, but nothing scary, and there is a well-marked path to follow.


Trehørningen is another small mountain or more like a hill. It is easily accessible, with great views over islands and Skulsfjords from the top!

There is a well-marked path from the road and all the way to the top.

Whale Watching

If you have never seen a whale in the ocean, then grabbing a tour in Tromso is a must. Tromso is city of island surrounded by ocean. Humpback whales have seen here over the past several seasons. The best way to enjoy the majesty and beauty of these creatures is in their element. There are several local tours available, but you’ll want to book early to make sure you get a spot on the tour.

Dog Sledding

Yes, you can race across the Arcitc in your own dogsled pulled by happy huskies.

Make sure to pack a first layer because you are north of the Arctic circle. My favorite is 32 degrees. Lightweight and weighs next to nothing. You can use it as a base layer, or wear the top alone. It is one my go-tos when needing to layer for warmth.

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