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Healthy Food in Madrid

Eating healthy food in Madrid is a way of life

Madrid is a city full of history and vibrancy. Finding healthy food in Madrid is very easy to do. European nations have strict standards when it comes to chemicals they allow in their food. Food is rich in flavor and color because it is in its most natural unaltered state.

Finding healthy food in Madrid is very easy. Just walk down the street and pass any Mercado. They are full of every color of the rainbow.

One of our favorite meals was grabbing fresh fruit and cheese and heading to the park to walk and enjoy the sights and sounds on a crisp, late winter day.

Need olives?

How about a counter specifically for mozzarella?

Tuna is a fresh fish used in many healthy dishes throughout Spain. The tuna appetizer was delicious with spicy aioli and cucumber slices.

The salad: fresh lettuce, tomatoes and crispy pancetta.

Eggs and potatoes and truffles for a main course with pancetta

The wonderful thing about Madrid, Spain, you can find healthy food on every corner. When food is at its most unperverted state, it doesn’t take much to fill you up. You are able to savor the pure flavor of the food. You don’t need to eat as much because it fills you up and you are able to slow down and allow the full flavor of the food to marinate in your mouth. You will slow down just because all of your senses will be involved in what’s happening in your mouth.

The texture of each ingredient is not like anything you have  experienced.  Sitting in the space, breathing in the air of Madrid, the smells of the food and wine, it’s simply magical.

Eating healthy in Madrid is as easy as walking into a market

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