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Fitness Anywhere

Welcome! I’m Terri!

I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach. I bring you workouts and nutrition from around the world and help you plan your next adventures.

Before I was Terri Lynn the Health Fit Travel Coach, I was Terri, the special education teacher, and mother to 3 kids.

My love for travel adventure came at the end of my hight school. I finished college and applied to teach overseas on bases. I didn’t make it, so I stayed in the states, became a teacher, married, and had children. I took the family on vacations yearly and loved making the itineraries.

the full story…

After graduation, I went on a trip to Europe with a company called people to people Upon my arrival in Germany, I went on a tour through Dachau. The horrible smell of that place haunts me to this day. I bring this up because life is not always rainbows and butterflies. We have lessons to learn.

An early habit I learned was turning to food to numb emotional pain. For most of my adult life, I weighed nearly 200 lbs. It was an unconscious decision to turn to food but a comfortable one. I tried many different fad diets. It was a habit that had to be unlearned. Some lessons are harder to learn than others. When I went to college, I started jogging and had a roommate that was studying nutrition.
She was the first to help me learn how to eat and exercise properly. I lost 50 pounds and kept it off for many years. The weight began to come back on after having children.

In January 2007, I walked into a 24-hour fitness to look around. I was down to 155 and wanted to lose the “last 10”. The salesman wouldn’t take no for an answer. I bought sessions with a personal trainer and started eating the way the trainer taught me. I saw changes within the first month. I stayed with the program and lost 10 lbs in 4 months, but also 10% body fat.

Two years later, I obtained my natural pro bodybuilding card. I competed in one pro show, walked off the stage, and said;
“I quit; I must show women how to love their bodies.”

I’m talking about building the tone you’ve always wanted, learning strategies for building healthy nutritional habits to last a lifetime, training your mind, and discovering new, healthier habits. 

Having your health allows travel experiences not afforded to others. Envelope the life you’ve always wanted. It’s within reach.

xo Terri

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