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Many Reasons to See Engelberg Switzerland

Engelberg, Switzerland, nestled in the valley of a section of the Swiss Alps, has many reasons to visit. Here is a big list.

Highlight: Engelberg Switzerland

Engleberg, Switzerland, is a tiny village at the base of the incredible Swiss Alps. You may wonder why you should come to such a small village. Let me take a second to explain why this country should be on your bucket list.

Engelberg-Titlis is the largest winter and summer holiday destination in central Switzerland. The attractive village with the famous monastery offers a wide variety of holiday activities for families, newcomers, and those in the know. The many exciting options will make your stay an unforgettable mountain experience.


Engelberg is located 25 km south of Lake Lucerne in a wide mountain valley at an altitude of around 1000 meters. At 3,239 meters, Titlis mountain, with its glacier, and Hahnen mountain at 2,600 meters, tower over the surrounding peaks. In the winter, there will be snow far into the spring season. One of the top 10 ski regions in Switzerland, Engelberg is known for its diverse ski and freeride area. In the summer, on the other hand, it’s all about hiking, mountaineering, climbing, biking, and playing golf.

The town of Engelberg is appealing because of its distinct and rustic character. The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1120 and has a great impact on the life of the village, even today. Monks still live, work and teach there. The homes left over from the Belle Epoque also witnessed that period. In combination with the pleasant Swiss flair, the special architecture lends the village charm.

In Engelberg, families benefit from the national quality seal “Families welcome,” which features a unique program for the kids. The summer toboggan run and the adventure playground are just a few examples of what’s available for younger visitors.

Winter in Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg is not just a winter resort – it’s a winter paradise. The town offers a variety of things to do that you will be tempted to extend your stay long enough to try everything. The two sides of the valley couldn’t be more different, and they provide pure enjoyment to both athletes and those who like to take it slower.

Engelberg: the largest – and as the locals like to boast – probably also the most beautiful ski area in central Switzerland. Spread over an altitude of 2000 meters, there is room for snowboarding, skiing, and sledding, a varied winter program to make your holiday exciting. The long, snowy winter begins as early as October and lasts into May. The 35 km of cross-country ski trails meandering through the lovely Engelberg area make cross-country skiing a fantastic experience!

When you’re looking forward to a day of skiing, you most want to whizz down the slopes and have fun. But that’s not all in Engelberg. Around the Titlis you can expect many highlights you won’t find in any other skiing area. Don’t forget to pack your winter boots and crampons for maneuvering the snow and ice in town.

Descents for all Levels

Thanks to modern facilities and fast transport times, you will get your money’s worth during a ski day in Engelberg. To get your thighs really burning, venture down the slope from the Titlis into the valley, which has an incredible altitude difference of 2000 meters.

The next challenge is the descent from Jochstock, where you can expect 1500 meters of descent in one go!

Engelberg Switzerland
Engelberg Switzerland

Titlis Rotair

As the world’s first revolving cable car, the TITLIS Rotair takes you from the intermediate station to the summit station at 3020 meters in just 5 minutes. Unlimited use is included in your ski ticket.

Take a deep breath before your next descent and enjoy the perfect all-around view of steep rock faces, the blue sparkling glacier ice, and the magnificent view of the Bernese Alps, the lakes in the Unterland, and the Black Forest.

Titlis Cliff Walk

Not far from the TITLIS summit station and right next to the start of the slopes, you can reach the TITLIS Cliffwalk–Europe’s highest suspension bridge at 3041 meters above sea level–in just a few steps.

Put down your skis for a moment and venture onto the suspension bridge, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain and glacier world.

Glacier Cave

When you get off the TITIS Rotair and walk towards the slopes, there is a thick shell of eternal ice under your feet. During winter the glacier is deeply snowed in, so you often don’t even notice it. That’s why a trip to the glacier cave can be all the more exciting. The entrance is located directly on the first level of the mountain station. Admission is free.


Fun for the Entire Family in Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg has a reputation as a sporty and, at the same time, family-friendly destination in winter and summer. In Schmuggli’s Winterland on Trubsee or the Yetipark on Risti-right in the middle of the ski area-the, kids can have fun while you take turns skiing or freeriding.

Summer in Engleberg, Switzerland


When you come to Engelberg for biking, you should pay special attention to the following tours. They are little jewels that score the highest points in terms of both riding fun and scenery. Which tour are you going to take?

Trail Arena

In the Trail Arena above the Banklialp restaurant, you can learn new skills regardless of your riding level, so that you can show yourself the best side on the other trails here in Engelberg. The trail arena can be perfectly combined with the Gerschni trail, which has been completely separated from the hiking trail.


From Engelberg, you first have to earn the Surenenpass with muscle power. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a trail firework display that you will not soon forget.

E-Bike tour And Alpine Cheese Trail

The Engelberg-Blackenalp e-bike tour offers pure nature and a magnificent mountain panorama. On the way, small mountain restaurants and alpine cheese dairies invite you to make a stop.

Trail Day

Let it rip on the three trails on the Jochpass and recover from your runs on the chairlift ride up the mountain.

Geerschnialp Round

The bike tour to Gerschnialp is perfect if your time window is not quite so long for an afterward or family tour. It can be combined with a downhill run on the Gerschni Trail

4 Lajkes Tour

The 4 Lakes bike tour delights with magnificent views of the mountain panorama and invites you to take a refreshing plunge into the crystal-clear mountain lakes.


More than 500 km of hiking trails await you in Engelberg, where you can leave your everyday life far behind on unforgettable tours amid an impressive mountain world. Countless well-signposted routes – from leisurely to high alpine and easy to difficult – promise you a fantastic nature experience.
Engelberg is one of the most popular hiking regions in Switzerland and why you should plan your next hike or vacation here, we tell you now.

Hike Engelberg
Hike Engelberg

On this beautiful, difficult 24.5 km high mountain tour, you will hike around the 7 Stocke and most of the time through untouched, protected mountain landscape. The circular hiking trail starts and ends in Ristis.


The Surenenpass hike, 24 km difficulty, is part of the Via Alpina. It leads you from Engelberg through the wild and romantic Surenen with rushing waterfalls love the Surenen Pass to Attinghausen. The return journey is by train.

Ridge Hike Stans-Engelberg

This 26 km, difficult, ridge hike starts on the Stanserhorn and is a challenging but uniquely beautiful day hike that requires a bit of sure-footedness. An overnight stay in a tent on the Lauchemalp is also perfect for a weekend excursion.


For this 11 km, moderate Walenpfad hike, you choose one of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in Switzerland as a day tour. On mostly narrow but nevertheless, very well-maintained paths, the trail leads you from Brunni to Bannalp. The route can be walked in both directions and with public transport support it becomes a round trip.


From Engelbert, you first walk through meadows and forests up to the idyllic Lutersee. From there, this difficult hike has an entertaining descent to the Buirabahnli Lutersee-Rugisbalm-Mettlen, which will take you comfortably down into the valley. Through the wild and romantic Aasch gorge you hike back to Engelberg.

List of all the Hikes


One of the most beautiful alpine 18-hole golf courses in the Alps awaits you in Engelberg at around 1000 m above sea level. Beginners, professionals and guests are equally welcome.

Trail Running

The Engelberg mountains offer everything you need for trail running and make your run an experience for all your senses. Immerse yourself in nature and connect with your inner self. While you concentrate more and more on your body and the ground, you enter into a deeper relationship with the environment in a fascinating way. Allow yourself to pause for a moment along the way. When you pass a beautiful vantage point, let your eyes wander to the mountains, or maybe you’ll spot some alpine creatures whose realm you’re jumping through.

In the end, it was a good run if you could enjoy it to the fullest and not because you were chasing a certain pace.


Catch your own dinner. Lake Eugenisee is newly stocked with trout every week. From 15 April till 31 October, you can fish in Lake Eugeniesee. 

Watch the brook and rainbow trout jump out of the water! Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., fishing is not allowed. 

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