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Ms. Terri Lynn - Life Coach
Terri Lynn – Life Coach

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Private FB group for accountability

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Ms. Terri Lynn - Life Coach
Terri Lynn – Life Coach

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

Give yourself 28 Days. That’s all it takes to start feeling better and want to continue.

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Finally, coaching with Terri Lynn from any device anywhere.

Private FB group for accountability, bi-weekly check-ins, sneak peek at all new workouts and nutrition access, macro counting, weekly goal-setting, private events, and classes.

Coaching with Terri Lynn

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Fit Intensive

FIT Challenge

6 weeks: would you like to lose belly bloat, what about feeling stronger? Gaining muscle gives you that toned look you’ve been looking for. Learning to eat to not be hungry, connecting your mind and your belly, and listening to your body, that’s the beginning of what you will gain in these 6 weeks.

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90Days Revoolunize your Health

90 Days

3 months is the best start to learning lifelong lifestyle changes that will last no matter what changes come your way.

Learning to workout and eat in a manner that works for you is essential for continued success.

Let’s talk.

15 months to LIfestyle freedom

Year-long coaching to live a life of health freedom.

Intensive coaching to reach and maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire. Learn to connect your mind and body to learn how to eat. Daily lessons to give you the background you need to make lifelong changes necessary.

Let’s talk and see if you’re ready.


Here is what our clients have to say

I’ve tried everything!

I’ve tried every possible way to lose weight. I finally found what works for me and I found it with Terri Lynn. I know what to do to continue my health journey. I’ve done activities on vacation I’ve never done. I feel strong and know how to eat for my body

You won’t regret this purchase!

I travel with my family and this program is perfect. We have limited space and I am able to get in workouts and find awesome activities to do with my family as we travel. She taught me to feel my body and listen to my mind and connect them instead of fighting them.

If I had found this first, I would have saved so much time and money!

I spent so much time and money on food programs, fitness apps, and gyms and nothing seemed to work. That’s because none of them had a mindset component and mind work to work on the emotional side of weight loss

What are you waiting for? Do it!

My thighs don’t rub together any longer. I am doing a completely different profession because of the confidence I’ve gained since becoming healthy. I make more money because I’m not sick. I’ve done excursions on vacations I would not have been able to do.