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The Beginning of Fitness Travel

Unbeknownst to me, this the beginning of fitness travel for me actually began December 1, 2019. That was the day I came back from my yearly trip to Mexico and had no idea that would be the last time I left for 8 more months.

My European trip with my mother and daughter March 20, 2020 was abruptly canceled due to COVID. My trip to Maui was canceled. The yearly convention I attend: canceled. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful and I am lucky I recieved all my money or travel vouchers and my family was safe and healthy.

I knew I had to get away and had to do it quickly as I was going to have surgery on my thumb within weeks. I love and crave being outside. It refuels my soul. I began looking for airbnbs within a few hours drive that was all about being outdoors

We talked until 1 AM. The last time I was up that late was NYE 2019! Look how that turned out! I woke up as usual on Saturday but was groggy from the wine and went back to sleep. Got up at 11 to start my day.

I was lucky. I had fresh eggs from the chickens next door, fresh butter and kombucha made right here. I made a quick breakfast and charted out my day. I came here to get away from the city. To get away from people, to be by myself. I came here to reconnect with my soul that had laid dormant.

I finished my hike and hopped in my car and stopped at Earth Mother Health Foods. I have been a fan of health food stores since I can remember. I love to go browse and see what they have I might not have seen or know about. I met the owner, Mary. She shared with me lots of her stories. I ended up spending an hour or more just lisenting and finding things I needed. I thanked her for sharing her story and headed out the door.

I headed back to the airbnb as I was hungry and thrirsty. I ate a little and took a nap. When I awoke, I decided to take a “hike” on their acreage. They have little libraries set up in a couple areas. There is a wooden hanging swing that looks out over a dry creek bed. I sat there is silence save the creak of the swaying swing. I listened to a lone wolf howl in the distance.

I finished walking the trail around the property to the teepee and hammock area. Keith showed me how to run the jacquizzi and to clean it when I was done. Keith stated that suits tend to carry detergents that are harmful to the jacquizzi so please enjoy the tub naked. I lit a fire to make some s’mores while prepping the jacquizzi. I made a pot of tea and sat with all the lights off so I could watch the lite show put on by the thousands of fireflys right in front of me. I fell asleep easily that night and didnt’ wake until morning.

I woke in the early morning and turned ont he coffee. I poured a cup and sat outside to watch the sunrise and feelt he cool summer breeze against my skin. I could hear many birds greeting the morning with me.

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