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When to Eat to Lose Fat

When you eat will determine how fast you lose fat

Why–it matters

What are your health goals? Have you sat down and focused on what it truly is you want and why? If not, that is where you start. Why? Because transformations are challenging. When you eat to lose fat is challenging. You won’t succeed if you don’t have a firm handle on your why. Plain and simple.

Why are body transformations complicated? Because we are making changes to your life, that takes concerted effort day in and day out. You make choices, and your future goals depend on when you fuel your body today.

Imagine using premium fuel for your car and then topping it off with a cup of sugar. What if you are the person that believes the E on the tank means “Enough.” Cells are tiny manufacturers. They take the raw material we input, absorb it, and turn it into energy our bodies can use. That is a huge responsibility. Women equate taking in fewer calories to how you eat to lose fat. That couldn’t be more wrong.

Cellular respiration

Cellular Conversion and Fat Loss

Living tissue needs energy to keep living. We cannot create energy. We only convert it. Just like plants take carbon dioxide and return oxygen, our cells absorb and convert energy into a usable form.

Our bodies use energy to sleep, blink, digest, breath, and just be alive. Now you want to start lifting weights and cardio, but you are still eating to stay alive. Where will your body get the energy it needs to do those things? It will take it from the most significant source you have in your body, your muscle. The body eats muscle and leaves fat—precisely the opposite of what is needed to get the body you desire.

Don’t wait to run out of gas to put gas in your tank, don’t do that to yourself. When you eat is just as important as what you eat to lose fat. Let’s take a look inside your body during a workout.

Cells are respiring and expelling at a high rate of speed. This cellular activity happens when energy converts to a form we can utilize. You are working out and have not eaten all day. You know muscle burns fat, and weights build muscle. Now your muscles are being used, and there is nothing to feed them—no energy found anywhere.

Suddenly, you’re light-headed, and you start to sweat. But not the sweat of musclebuilding, the sweat of nausea and vomiting. What do you do? You stop, of course, and any ability to build muscle has ceased. No fat burn because you can’t finish your workout.

When to eat to lose fat: help and guidance

Carbohydrates are a quick energy source for your muscles to use. You burn them off during a workout. Protein builds and repairs muscle. Eating this combination on time pre-workout gives your cells the fuel they need to burn fat.

Old habits die hard, so having someone guide you is crucial. Learn more about eating to lose fat right here.

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