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Where to Find Healthy BBQ in Texas

Yes, you read that right! Healthy BBQ in Texas

Twenty-four hours after arriving in Austin, Texas, I pulled into a local favorite BBQ “joint.” Enjoy local flavor and enjoy live music; sign me up! Why do I say “joint”? As I pulled into the gravel parking lot, I witnessed an expansive view of rows and vineyards! What kind of BBQ joint has that? I was even more excited to get to the other side of the building and enter this little bit of heaven in the middle of July at 103 degrees to sit outside, eat, listen to music, and test the question: Can you find healthy BBQ in Texas?

Salt Lick Cellarshttp://saltlickcellars.com

I opened my car door, and my olfactory senses went to town. Ok, I have to confess something here, (In a whisper, I am not a BBQ fan, yes, I am from KC and in Texas, and I am revealing this. Not a sauce fan). I feel better; I hope I didn’t lose any readers! But I digress. I felt myself rise above the parking lot and float toward the most beautiful smells. I couldn’t discern the difference; I didn’t care. I just wanted to breathe in all the wonderful aromas. There wasn’t a scent of sugary dripping sauce or overpowering spices. It was the pureness of the cooking process, incredible pure ingredients. There are always nutritious, healthy BBQ options, always.

Wine made at Salt Lick Cellars

Great Red Blend

You can bring your alcohol or purchase what you want at Salt Lick Cellars. I entered and looked into a smiling, friendly face and a welcome. I explained that I was interested in buying a bottle of red. I ended up with Mourvedre, an organic blend grown and bottled right here. Sold.$41 to support a local, organic business.

An organic blend grown and bottled here.

I was seated at a table that could seat 10. Jaidon introduced himself, and I told him to let them know to seat a group if they didn’t mind me. He gave the kindest smile and said,

“Don’t you worry about that.” His eyes were kind, and his smile genuine. I experience being overlooked as a solo traveler because it’s a small bill. I was taking up space at a table that could land him a big tip, and he treated me as if I was a group. He ensured I had everything I wanted and checked on me with each pass. You get to Salt Lick, Driftwood, you ask for Jaidon and tell him I sent you.

Turkey Sandwich

I’ve strayed: Healthy BBQ in Texas, here we go! The turkey sandwich with beans and onions was my choice here. Sauces are on the table for you to use. The turkey was so soft and tender. I removed the top slice of bread and used the sauce to flavor the bites of the sandwich. The beans were flavored and tasty. Another healthy BBQ option is to order from the children’s menu.

What to Eat

Turkey sandwich, beans, and onions

They do provide live music. This evening was Red Dirt Jubilee, a local group that sings at local venues. Music from the the 70s and country are their specialty. It has been a very long time since I watched live music. Salt Lick had mist fans that kept things cool despite the near 100-degree temperature at 6 PM!

Red Dirt Jubilee

Red Dirt Jubilee Duo

There is one thing I regret not tasting. 

Amazing pie

Chocolate Pecan Pie/AKA Kryptonite

Salt Lick has a pecan pie with melted chocolate chips on it. All night I watched table after table accept these warmed pieces of kryptonite with melting vanilla ice cream. No, not healthy BBQ in Texas, but I regret not trying a bite of that pie. Two of my favorite pies: pecan and chocolate!

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