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Why Clients get 10x Better Results Online

Why Clients get 10x Better Results Online

There are a few simple reasons my clients get 10x better results online.

Cost Efficiency

Save Money

There is a wide variety of pricing for personal training across the board. Some people pay as little as $40 a session to $150. Let’s take the middle to make this easy and go with $100 per session. Training 2x a week = $800 a month. Whereas online, the average price is $300. 

The cost of driving to the gym for training, the time of going back and forth, and the gym membership add to the monthly fee. The freedom you gain and the money you save online are astronomical. Plus, let’s be honest, who can afford $800 a month for personal training? Without a coach’s consistency and accountability several times a week, the chances of success decrease.

The exorbitant cost of in-person training is why online increases the likelihood of developing the healthy lifestyle you desire. There is a set program and structure; you show up and work out 3-6 days a week because it is right there. Due to the program’s design, there is more consistency and adherence. Better consistency in the program equals desired results.

Consistency and accountablity = better results.

Outcome-based coaching

Online is More Well-Rounded

Training in the gym, you have one hour, sometimes less. The focus is working out. That doesn’t leave much time to talk about nutrition, mindset, or habit changes. But online, lessons can be read and incorporated. Learning takes place outside the gym. Online coaching is much more encompassing because of the time factor.

Cost is Lower

Accountability and Consistency

Many coaches in gyms have protocols and specific tools they have to use. Many of those cost the trainer, then that cost is then handed down to you. 

Online coaches have many tools and programs available to help you succeed, and many are free! 

Online programs have group support systems that allow you to connect with a community of people just like you. The support and encouragement in those groups are priceless. Imagine you have come up with all the excuses in the world to skip your workout. There is a message from the group checking in with you and holding you accountable. That workout you were about to cut, well, it’s on now! 

In the gym, there are only those minutes together. Medium accountability is the level received face-to-face. Online, accountability shoots up high because you have more personal responsibility for learning. Mindset and habit changes are incorporated daily versus once a week. 

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